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Dr Ranj

The Let’s Talk About Poo campaign is lucky to have the support of Dr Ranj Singh. Dr Ranj presents the Cbeebies show ‘Get Well Soon’ and the kids’ health segment on ITV’s This Morning. As well as being a TV presenter he is a paediatrician by trade, and now the face of the Let’s Talk About Poo campaign.

Dr Ranj appeared in a web TV show for the Let's Talk About Poo campaign to discuss children's poo problems and how to manage them (watch the video left).

Click here to find out more about Dr Ranj and why he supports the campaign.

Where is Poo this week?

Poo is quite the adventurer, he likes visiting new places and trying new things. Each week he goes somewhere different. Can you guess where he is in the photo and what he’s doing?

Tell us where you think he is on Twitter and Facebook by using the hashtag #whereispoo. Come back next week to see where he goes next!

Poo’s ultimate goal in life is to get in the loo. Can you help him do it? Play the ‘Let’s Talk About Poo’ game to get Poo through the bowels and flushed down the loo. Click here to play.